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  • Irish Nudist - Sunday 2 June 2019 01:51
    Shortly after this little game ends, the real fun starts. She allows each boy to take his turn to fuck her in her ass, mouth or pussy. Some of them even come back for seconds. The cute guy on the sofa manages to get it up a third time titty fucks her. At the end, she is a little sore, a bit tired but... very, very... happy.
  • cmoi - Saturday 1 June 2019 00:14
    She seems to love his big Dick !!!
  • Irish Nudist - Tuesday 28 May 2019 17:21
    Jed's balls are bursting with sperm. He's hoping Jenny will reach over soon and start stroking hing him to erection and then spurts of cum. Jenny thinks 'Jed's cute. I might even blow him if he continues to be nice to me. And I'd love to finger his tight ass'.
  • Irish Nudist - Tuesday 28 May 2019 17:17
    The first time Lynn felt Tommy's cock was the night of the Junior Prom. He was her date and he looked so cute in his tux. Just before she left her house, she slipped off her panties and hid them in her little handbag. That way, they would both get a pleasant surprise later in the night. As they danced the slow waltzes Lynn could feel Tommy's hard cock pressing against her pussy lips through the cotton fabric of her dress. It felt good and made her horny. Later on, they sneaked out onto the verandah of the country club and kissed hard, their tongues exploring deep in their mouths. She felt Tommy's hand raise her dress as his hands found and fondled her ass. Then, she reached down and unzipped his fly, releasing his hard cock to stand to attention. He gasped with delight as her hand cupped his tight little balls and her other hand fondled his shaft. Suddenly, a big spurt, and there was sticky, white cum dripping down the front of her dress. 'Oh my God!', she cried.'Could you not fucking control yourself more?'. 'Sorry', Tommy said sheepishly, as he replaced his tiny, shrivelled cock back in his panties. 'Now, see wha you've done', Lynn said. 'My Daddy will know immediately that I've been a bad girl at the Prom'.
  • Irish Nudist - Tuesday 28 May 2019 17:07
    Tommy and Jimmy kept resolutely looking upwards so that they wouldn't catch a glimpse of each other's cock, with the helmet peeking out from the cut foreskin. Cos, the last time they looked, they both got hard and then they had to jerk each other off, for relief. It felt so good, but they were a bit ashamed as it was their first time. Now, when no one is around, they hold hands, fondle each other's ass and sneak a kiss.
  • Irish Nudist - Tuesday 28 May 2019 12:51
    Lynn is admiring that fat little cock-tail sausage. She is thinking how much she would like to taste it in her mouth and suck it, until the creamy inside spurts out out and covers her lips and chin with thick, white, delicious cum. Lynn likes cum and often drains all the boys in the camp. But this cocky guy is her favourite. Most of the time, he just ignores her as she plays and sucks with his cock. He prefers her friend Linda who flicks her tongue on his helmet while sucking cock and fingering his asshole.
  • nonojo723a - Friday 10 May 2019 18:47
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  • nonojo723a - Friday 10 May 2019 18:44
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  • nonojo723a - Friday 10 May 2019 18:40
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  • tormagal - Wednesday 1 May 2019 20:09
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